Lighting can help to define the whole bedroom interior design. Lighting is a tool to create any atmosphere that you wish in your bedroom. Take a look at some contemporary bedroom lighting ideas that will surely inspire you!

Niku Wall Lamp

Niku wall lamp

NIKU, diminuitive of Nikumaroro, is part of a Kiribati islands group, known as Phoenix Islands. Surrounded by the depth of the Pacific Ocean, is the beauty of the coral that makes NIKU wall light a rarity in lighting. Throught its gold plated brass structure, 2 spheres emerge representing the wide diversity of ecosystems that inhabit this remote island. NIKU wall light fills your bedroom decor with exoticism and brings it a cozy and bright ambience.

Bedroom Lamp ideas

Saki Wall Light

Saki wall light

Located in Japan, Sakishima Islands are part of Ryukyu Islands chain. SAKI Wall Light is a tribute to this unforgettable island group. This gold plated brass sconce is a remarkable lighting piece that will create a warm and cosy modern interior design with an exotic touch.

Bedroom Lighting ideas


Cyrus Table Light

Cyrus Table Lamp

Cyrus was the brave Persian king that conquered Babylonia and its Cylinder was the document that proves it. CYRUS table light was inspired by the freedom and the vast culture of the Persian civilization. An original furniture piece, made in polished brass. Luxurious, yet, sober and exquisite for your contemporary bedroom design.

Modern bedroom lighting

Calla Table Lamp

Calla Table lamp

With origins in South Africa, calla lily flower is one of the most graceful things Nature has conceived. Inspired by its delicacy, our design team created CALLA Table Light. From its graceful aged brass top in the shape of an elegant leaf to the luxurious Estremoz marble base, the beauty of this table lamp is undeniable.

Cypres Floor Lamp

Cypres Floor Light

Cypres is a tree of many symbolisms and ornamental capabilities. Our CYPRES Floor Light was inspired by it, featuring a structure in glossy gold plated brass and shaders in gold plated brass and a base in white marble. This contemporary floor lamp is sure to impress in a modern bedroom interior design.

Modern bedroom lamp ideas


Niku Pendant Light

Contemporary bedroom decor

Part of the Kiribati islands group, Nikumaroro is known for its incredible coral atoll. It’s the beauty of its corals that make NIKU Pendant Light a rarity in contemporary lighting. Featuring a structure in gold plated brass, shaders in gold plated brass and glass, this pendant lamp will fill any bedroom decor with exoticism.

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