BRABBU Contract creates furniture solutions for remarkable hospitality and contract projects that value quality and contemporary elegance blended with fierceness and strength. With 5 years of expertise, our team of designers and craftspeople developed a new manufacturing process that allowed a production increase, maintaining the same aesthetic and manufacturing quality. With this manufacturing increase, BRABBU Contract is able to offer upholstery, casegoods and lighting with competitive high-end prices that will fill every tailored interior with memories and unique sensations. Behind each handcrafted product, there is a story written by the materials, textures and colors of some of the most interesting places and cultures around the world. BRABBU Contract is powered by BRABBU, a contemporary, cosmopolitan style brand that reflects an intense way of living.

BRABBU Contract mission is to fill contract interiors and hotel couture projects with competitive high-end furniture that is a gift for the senses.

BRABBU Contract will be a design reference in the contract world for every interior designer, contractor, design lover and media. Our products will be present in top hotels, stores and public spaces across the globe and will be the exclusive touch that will spruce up any interior. Everyone who comes across one of our products will desire to discover the story hidden behind it and the intense experiences and personality that they give to every interior. BRABBU Contract products offer such an integrated and intense experience that will make our stakeholders wondering, how such design turns any upscale hospitality and contract project into a memorable place.

With BRABBU you should expect a diverse range of furniture, casegoods, upholstery, lighting, rugs, art and accessories. With this variety you will be able to create different spaces in harmony with your personality. BRABBU’s complete solutions and customized service gives you all the elements that your projects need and deserve. In each one of them, BRABBU tells stories from the nature and the world in perfect harmony with the stories that your world has to tell.


BRABBU Contract is the nature’s child. In every design product we reinvent all the forces of nature through design, using the materials, textures, scents, flavours and colours that live inside the nature and inside the urban life. BRABBU Contract loves the unknown, the adventure and the challenge. Our strong inspiration on nature makes BRABBU Contract an attitude, a powerful way of living.


BRABBU Contract designs and produces products with fierceness and a strong dedication. We believe in the strength of the oceans, of the soil and the volcanoes. We believe that every force of nature has a rhythm, a heartbeat. Come closer and listen to it in our design products.


BRABBU believes that all the World’s memories are inside the nature. As time passes, every important detail is carved in nature’s elements. Because memory is about a scent, a colour, a texture, a flavour, a shape.


Harmony is made of opposites. It is in the balance between strength and subtlety, strong and soft textures, warm and fresh scents, aging and innovation that BRABBU Contract finds the perfect elements to build powerful design products. Allying the forces of nature and the forces of urban life, BRABBU Contract aims to fulfil the spaces with harmony, creating a state of mind.


Each BRABBU Contract design product tells a story. BRABBU Contract travels all over the world to find forgotten words, unusual textures and shapes in order to give life to our design products, telling stories where the characters are different cultures, the world and the essence of the time. All of these stories are reinterpreted through design, becoming part of the stories of each contract project and each space.

Why BRABBU Contract?

01. Products in accordance to hospitality regulations
02. Price competitive
03. Wide range of fabrics, materials and finishes for customization
04. Multicategory furnishings: casegoods, upholstery, lighting
05. High-end quality products
06. Products Designed and handcrafted in Europe

BRABBU Contract is able to offer upholstery, casegoods and lighting with contract quality and contract competitive prices. All products are handcrafted in Europe and are in accordance with hospitality regulations. To meet your project needs, every piece can be customized through materials, finishes and fabrics (COM and COL). Minimum order quantities conditions apply.