Jeffrey Alan Marks is recognised as one of the most prolific Los Angeles designers, that composes the most wonderful settings in every project. Jeffrey stands as a massive trendsetter in the interior design world, due to his recognition of iconic commercial interiors.


Jeffrey Alan Marks

Meet Jeffrey Alan Marks, a very famous interior designer that is known for the creation of magnificent settings, for over twenty years. He is the face behind Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators and has decorated beach houses and London homes, as well as commercial interiors such as The Hungry Cat in Santa Monica.

The famous designer is currently at work on an exclusive fabric line for luxury brand Kravet, which is another major step on the world of interior design. But, as you can see, the designer continues to breakthrough every design boundary and transforms it to absolute perfection.

In each project, Jeffrey Alan Marks commits 100% and creates settings that are absolutely luxurious and contemporary. He includes pieces of furniture that fit perfectly with every detail that the designer idealizes from his creative process.

Every corner, throughout the rooms, are meticulous thought, from the minimal accessory to the most grandiose piece, that will eventually be the central piece. In this case, Jeffrey Alan Marks placed the sofas as main characters, while the accessories embellish the rest of the room.

In this particular example, Jeffrey Alan Marks dedicated his creativity to create an eccentric setting, full of contrasts, specifically on the different patterns and fabrics. The use of these details establishes a magnificent ambiance, full of personality.

Jeffrey Alan Marks is an absolute mastermind when it comes to creating special spaces.


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