Tomas Pearce, it is, at the moment, one of Canada’s most precious acquisitions when it comes to design. Based in downtown Toronto, this interior design company is ambitiously led by main partners Melandro Quilatan and Tania Richardson. Together, they feature a team of experts that stand out through the most amazing settings, on a large spectrum of commercial and residential interior design services.


Located in the heart of Toronto, you will find an inspiring interior design company, Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc. This team of experts is led by Principal Partners Melandro Quilatan and Tania Richardson, along with talented Interior Designers, Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Architectural Technologists, Stylists, and Procurement Agents.

The interior design firm recently celebrated their 14th anniversary and they couldn’t be more happy to achieve these many years of experience, that granted so much knowledge within this industry. Although they are very happy with their journey, they would be over the moon if they could embrace luxury hotel projects, since they’ve established their value with exquisite commercial and residential spaces.

“While we are recognised as established specialists in the design of bold and luxurious residential and commercial spaces, it feels like a natural evolution that we should expand our knowledge and services to encompass luxury hotels”.


Absolutely fulfilled through that feedback, they are proud to say that they build a personalised relationship with their clients, with no exceptions.

“When working with our private residential clients, it is a vital part of our process that we more than know them – we need to understand how they live, entertain, and interact in the privacy of their own homes to create a design that truly suits their lifestyle and needs”.

By creating a bespoke relationship with their clients, the interior design firm believes that word-of-mouth referrals are the greatest way to attract potential clients, as well as social media, so everyone that’s interested could follow their work.

Through those offline and online channels, Tomas Pearce expects to achieve a very specific type of client: “From our experience, those who are able to do so are well informed, well-travelled, and enjoy the unique and different. Although our clients are also typically fashion-forward, longevity and practicality are of the utmost importance when designing their spaces”.

At the moment, the interior design firm shares more than 50 projects that are running. “These residential and commercial projects are often in varying scales and stages of design and construction”. With that in mind, they feel absolutely grateful to work in so many inspiring projects, with amazing people, which fills them with endless creativity, to set up the most exquisite spaces.

This firm is also responsible for many bespoke private vacation homes, winter chalets, summer homes, and exclusive ranches. In every project they embrace, their goal is to complete it with the latest trends and most exquisite pieces of furniture. Nonetheless, they think that:

“It is more desirable to attend global design shows. Not only are they a fantastic reason to experience and explore different parts of the world, but they showcase the newest and most innovative products, brands, and projects. That said, we believe that most trends are seasonal and have a short shelf life. For Tomas Pearce and their clients, longevity is extremely important. Rather than searching outward for inspiration, we always encourage our team to BE the inspiration.”

By being the inspiration, their level of standards and expectation for quality and craftsmanship is extremely high.  Within the company’s ideals, in order to become a top interior design firm into this industry, they must be aligned with “trades, craftsmen, construction teams, fabricators, and artisans who are all at the top of their respective games”.

When it comes to talking about the future, Melandro Quilatan really thinks that it will be “technology-driven”. With the constant development of technology, as well as sustainability, he affirms that “new products will be developed that will provide not only beauty but practicality – all the while following the quest to protect our natural resources”.

Tomas Pearce

As an interior design company, Tomas Pearce is a firm that believes in the “ease of life, escapism, and adventure are some words that I believe will continue to be on the pulse of design inspiration in the future”.



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