Founded in 2003, Dimore Studio designs and carries out every interior design project in a personal and recognizable way: objects created by historical design masters live together with reclaimed materials and other “bespoke” objects to create and forge a particular atmosphere. A timeless visual and emotional pathway. We are here to present to you some hotel bedroom ideas by Dimore Studio that will surely inspire you for your next boutique decor project!

Dimore Studio Hotel Decor

Dimore Studio is known for crossing the boundaries between art and design, fashion and architecture.

Boutique Hotel Bedroom Ideas

One of the splendid hotel interior design projects by Dimore Studio is Hotel Saint-Marc in Paris. It contains 26 rooms featuring bold print drapes, Dedar velvet sofas, rugs from Louis de Poortere, and geometric brass headboards.


Boutique Hotel Bedroom

Hosted by a combination of black and white marbles of the purest French tradition, delicately rosed walls and velvet from Maison Dedar, guests are invited to immerse themselves in a timeless atmosphere with Art Deco details.

Boutique Hotel Bedroom Interior Design

Pink walls and a thick carpet adorned with a tuft of palm trees will guide guests to their apartments. They will enjoy a visual and tactile experience where room decor is staging a series of art objects designed by artisans from the city of Murano. Carpets of Louis de Poortere, night lights, headboards, doors and various pieces of lacquered wood involved in an unexpected alchemy.

Boutique Hotel Bedroom Interior

Dimore Studio carries out a research focused on details, which makes every creation, sign, proposal, suggestion, innovation and reference simple, albeit sophisticated.

Boutique Hotel Decor


As these hotel bedroom decor ideas show, the essence of Dimore Studio design projects include unexpected choices, preservation, inventions, appreciation of prints, lights, lacquers and oxidations. An uncensored aesthetic where each item has its own power and expressive “raison d’être”, while representing a part of the ensemble as the protagonist.

Dimore Studio Hotel Interior Design

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