Depending on the style of your bedroom decor, here you can find some modern side table inspirations that will enrich the ambiance in any a hotel decor or a house interior.

Koi Side Table

Koi side table Brabbu Contract

KOI carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, highly appreciated by its decorative purposes, not only in water gardens but also in Irezumi practice or, most commonly, in tattoos. Its natural colour mutations reveal their capacity to adapt, just like the set of KOI tables with table tops in glass or marble that you can choose to better fit in your ambiences.

Koi side table

The KOI scales from the sides of the tables shine and reflect – on its brass surface – the sun caught throughout the clear water. KOI and the Japanese word for love or affection are homophones, making the carp also a symbol of love and friendship. This side table will surely enrich your bedroom decor!

Botti Side Table

Botti Side Table Essential Home

Botti Side Table is an elegant side table with a striking decorative feature.

Botti Side table

Botti is an elegant side table designed in an attractive hourglass shape and finely produced in gold platted brass, accented by a glossy black detail on the middle.


Lapiaz Nightstand

Lapiaz Nightstand Boca do Lobo

Inspired in the dissolution of soluble rocks such as limestone, dolomite and gypsum, the Lapiaz Nightstand, is characterized by the idea of an underground effluence where luxury flows. Resembling a freshly cracked stone, the Lapiaz nightstand boasts a unique golden interior, capable of filling any bedroom decor with energy and life.

Lapiaz Nightstand

This compelling design piece features unique details achieved through the skill of our talented artisans, ensuring that it stands-out in any master bedroom interior design.

Mecca Side Table

Mecca Side Table Brabbu Contract

Mosques are majestic architectural works, places for pilgrimage and spiritual cult. Inspired by this, is MECCA side table, whose brass columns resemble the architectural heritage from the mosques, believing in this way that all piece sparkles from inside to outside. On the base stands a green marble top, keeping all the structure balanced and united.

Mecca Side Table

MECCA side table will enhance your bedroom decor, livening up your own home rituals of living, resting and receiving your guests.

Konstantin Side Table

Side table ideas

Konstantin Side Table is an elegant look full of refinement and modern interior design.

Konstantin Side table

Features a brown smoked glass top with a gold trim and a gold plated tray to give extra functionality to it.

Wave Nighstand

Wave Nightstand

Inspired by a tall structure, taller than it is wide, often by a significant margin, distinguished from masts by their lack of guy-wires and are therefore, along with tall buildings, self-supporting structures, the Wave Nightstand has one drawer and five vertical shelves, with a glass and lacquered look.

Wave Side Table


Waltz Nightstand

Waltz Side Table

Honouring a refined and unmistakable character that seduces by the beauty of its contrasts, the Waltz nighstand was born. Transpiring elegance, sobriety and decisiveness,the high material quality dismisses the ordinary to create exclusive and versatile solutions.

Waltz Nightstand

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