DUKONO, one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes, incorporates an unpredictable strength. The same strength this wingback chair brings to a modern home decor. The darkness from the black leather in this wingback chair resembles the solidified magma turned into rock, as the reddish tacks recall traces of the incandescent lava. DUKONO suits perfectly in a modern home decor. With a strong attitude in its synthetic leather fabric DUKONO will make a statement in any modern home decor that embraces it.

W 75 cm | 29,50” D 80 cm | 30,50” H 110 cm | 43,3”

W 75 cm | 29,50”
D 80 cm | 30,50”
H 110 cm | 43,3”

Fabric: Synthetic Leather
Fabric Reference: Bb Lerida I- Colour 4
Fabric Needed: 7 Mts | 275,6” (standard Width 1,40mts | 55”)
Legs: Painted In Aged Brown
Nails: Aged Gold

Color 4

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