Mid-century modern interior design style has an undeniable timeless appeal. It pays a lot of attention to functionality of shapes, colors and fabrics, which allow to create a sophisticated modern decor ambiance in any space. We are here to present you with some refined mid-century furniture ideas that will surely spark inspiration for your next modern hospitality project!

Mid-century furniture ideas

In this moodboard you can find modern decor inspirations for lounge area, restaurant, bar, living room or even hotel lobby. This mid-century furniture collection is especially fitting for a modern luxury yacht interior design! This moodboard is dominated by Earthly colors – shades of brown and green, which will bring sophistication and comfort feeling to the space.

The first modern decor furniture combination consists sofa, center table and luxury plafond light:

BOURBON Round Sofa

Bourbon sofa

With origins in France, the House of Bourbon was a dynasty known for its class and luxury. BOURBON Round Sofa embodies this opulence through its button-tufted inner back, rich cotton velvet and a base in matte aged brass. This velvet sofa can help to create a refined ambiance in your modern lounge room or dining room project.

Bourbon round sofa

EMPIRE Square Plafond

Empire Square Plafond

Offering a functional lighting solution, the EMPIRE plafond brings a twist with a square shape. Produced with the best materials and the finest handmade techniques the plafond creates a glaring and sublime design in your dining room, lounge room or any other modern ambiance.


KOI Center Table

Koi Center Table

Koi carp is a recurring symbol of Japanese culture, highly appreciated by its decorative purposes. Its natural colour mutations reveal koi capacity to adapt, just like the KOI center table with the table top in glass or marble that you can choose to fit better in your ambiences. The KOI scales from the sides of the tables shine and reflect – on its brass surface – the sun caught throughout the clear water. KOI and the Japanese word for love or affection are homophones, making the carp also a symbol of love and friendship – perfect addition to a sophisticated modern decor!

Mid-century modern center table

The next combination focuses on an inspiring modern table with two sets of armchairs:

LATZA Center Table

Center Table Brabbu

The pyramid of stones on the shore of Lake Baikal, known as Latza, inspired our designers to create LATZA Center Table. Featuring a top in walnut root veneer with a matte varnish and details in matte hammered brushed aged brass, this center table will surely impress your guests in a modern yacht design or a lounge room decor!

Latza center table

AUDREY Armchair

Audrey Armchair

You’ll be aching to embark on a rebellious rendezvous with AUDREY Armchair. This chair exudes a devil-may-care attitude which feels coolly nonchalant. Plush upholstery with feminine fabric, wraps her body like a favorite pair of skinny jeans.

Modern Armchair

EARTH Armchair

Earth Armchair

The compelling rotation of the Earth around its own axis inspired the creation of EARTH Armchair. Upholstered in cotton velvet, this armchair with shelter-style arms has a unique hammered brass back with a golden polished nail-head trim. It is the barrel chair that will make a statement in a modern interior design yacht project.

Modern Armchair Brabbu


Finally, the accent mid-century furniture item – CAYO Bar Chair

Cayo Bar Chair

This elegant and luxurious bar CAYO bar chair by BRABBU Contract has its name after the Tunisian Cayo Island, a nature wonder with beautiful landscapes and an impressive green sea. Choose this bar stool to enhance the modern decor in any space, your guests will be left amazed!

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