We have wonderful news for young designers who have been looking forward to entering their work into Milan Design Week 2019: there is more than one open call for new talents. Today we’re gonna tell you about some of them.

Young Designers

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Cascina Cuccagna

The first example is from Cascina Cuccagna, specifically from designer Matteo Ragni who announced a new edition of De Rerum Natura. In this edition of the initiative architects, young designers and other artists from several fields are being invited to an event dedicated to the Renaissance period in celebration of Leonardo DaVinci‘s 500th anniversary of death.

young designers

With this open call, Ragni expects to invite many design enthusiasts to a reflection of contemporary design’s role in establishing a new harmony between man and nature and investigate a sustainable future to originate “a new Renaissance”. In order to do that a series of projects by young designers will be selected Matteo Ragni, while at the same time journalist Laura Traldi will be preparing the exposition “Design Collisions”.

Milan Design Market

Open Calls

Another project with open calls to young designers is from Milan Design Market, or more exactly Elif Resitoglu‘s project Find The Lost City. This initiative, currently at its fourth edition intends to reunite young designers and brands around that same theme. The participants can enter in two options: either exposing their individual projects at the Pop-Up Concept Store or showing their collection inside individual cabins. These projects will remain active even after the end of Fuorisalone and can be consulted in Milan Design Market’s online store.


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Ro Plastic Prize

Lastly, another call for young designers which is still open right now is the contest Ro Plastic Prize. This is an open contest to every designer regardless of experience or age, inviting the participants to find a way around the problem of plastic overproduction thereby challenging artists to promote the next generation of design.


The contest is divided into the categories of Design, Home Textiles, Packaging Solutions, and Conscious Innovation Projects. Until March 10th all interested young designers can submit their project to this initiative and the projects which are considered the best in every category will then be presented at Galleria Rossana Orlandi during Milan Design Week 2019.


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