Switzerland’s potential for exquisite workmanship and art is unrivaled, therefore it’s no wonder that the Swiss Made quality mark is so well-known across the world. Geneva, in particular, is a city bursting to the seams with creativity, which has resulted in a slew of successful businesses, notably in the field of interior design. Today, we’re proud to present to you Reynaud Gaillard Architectes – Inspiring Contract & Residential Projects.

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Reynaud Gaillard Architectes

Patrice Reynaud & Philippe Gaillard Architectes Associés proposes a harmonious architecture, based on the ideal of the client; a humanistic philosophy of the habitat, which leads it to think of projects of standing, creative and happiness. International, it brings together nearly 20 collaborators to respond to projects for private residences, prestigious hotels, commerce, and the luxury industry, in Switzerland and Europe. Founder of the agency, Geneva-based architect Patrice Reynaud began his career at Voorsager & Mills in New York. He then moved to Paris to work with André Bruyère, with whom he developed a solid international experience.

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes

In 1982, Patrice Reynaud created his own architecture office in Geneva and surrounded himself with the best interior designers to give shape to the dreams of his private clients. Today, his signature is a reference in the world of luxury.

Philippe Gaillard, also from Geneva, obtained his diploma in architecture and joined the family firm in 1980. Six years later, he took over the management under the name of Gaillard & Architectes Associés SA. In ten years, he carried out numerous projects in various sectors of activity, before joining the administration of another architectural firm, Atelier 15.

In 2001, the two architects joined forces in the new agency Patrice Reynaud et Philippe Gaillard Architectes associés.

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes’ Projects

1. The Hamlet Project

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes

Development of a furnished apartment building by Reynaud Gaillard Architectes, with the creation of attic apartments and renovation of existing spaces. The historical elements were maintained but the renovated spaces were designed in a contemporary spirit.

2. Ecorcherie Project

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes

A total renovation of a villa from 1860, which originally had a tower on the south side, which has since been removed.
All exterior facades were re-coated and the shutters repainted. A new railing was made for the upstairs terrace.

The attic has been completely fitted out, with a repair of the roof, the dormers, and the framework, executed by Reynaud Gaillard Architectes. The entire interior layout of the first floor was redesigned with the creation of a large master suite, with two bathrooms, two dressing rooms, and an office, and a guest room with a bathroom and office.

The ground floor has been refreshed with new flooring and a new kitchen. The basement vaults have been restored, with exposed bricks, and smoothing cement has been laid on the floor.

3. Marly Project

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes created an English courtyard to bring in light from the basement and renovation of the entire interior layout. They also did the repair of the roof and created a pool house and a swimming pool, and also did landscaping work.

4. Fôret Project

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes

Following the first renovation in 2010, an extension was required by the client, for Reynaud Gaillard Architectes to create a master suite and a workshop on the first floor. The complete insulation of the roof had to be redone as well as the functioning of the basement by creating a TV room, a laundry room, and a playroom. This realization allowed the company to develop a prototype of vertical slats for the occultation of the parental suite.

5. Golf Club in Geneva

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes, in association with the interior designer Federica Palacios, executed a complete renovation of the decoration and furniture of the Club House, including the bar, the snack bar, and the restaurant. The goal was to improve the comfort and to give a visual unity to a set that was faded.

6. La Reserve Project

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes did the transformation and renovation of the Reserve Hotel and the 2 restaurants, the indoor/outdoor spa, and the 110 rooms and suites.

7. Rossi 16 Project

Reynaud Gaillard Architectes

A total renovation of a building was executed by Reynaud Gaillard Architectes. Demolition and reconstruction of the entire interior of the building with one-floor elevations. On the ground floor, 4 commercial arcades, and on the upper levels 20 studios and 49 apartments.

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