In a world where interior design gets more and more competitive, HBA comes to impress with a signature look and an international range to their work. 54 years of designing hospitality projects for luxury brands known all over the world, more than 200 global design awards won in the past decade and a portfolio of projects that are simply stunning. Today, we’re diving deep into HBA and our favorite projects in Hong Kong from this hospitality interior design firm that we are simply in love with.



Ultima Hong Kong

One of the most highly-anticipated luxury residential projects located in the heart of Ho Man Tin, Ultima Hong Kong is a mix of contemporary and modern, soul and passion, creating a unique and stunning look on this luxury residence that is sure to steal hearts all over the world, not just in Hong Kong.

HBA’s international presence, combined with its extensive knowledge of the interior design industry, has facilitated the ability to rewrite the language of design with each new project.


This isn’t just a residential project, it’s so much more. With spa, pool, bar and intricate ornaments on the walls and ceiling, it creates a luxury look that is not surprising considering HBA‘s incredible design team and history of excellence. Behind the elegance of the design, the stately public spaces feature 520 apartments, seven houses, and one clubhouse.

Royal Plaza Hotel

With a prime address in the Mongkok district in Hong Kong, the Royal Plaza Hotel was designed to evoke the idea of a retreat destination, and we can understand why. The beautiful location and the smart use of the pool and nearby area with outdoor furniture pieces that are sure to bring not only comfort but also a luxury feel that we are already used to.

The interior design was inspired by the natural greenery surroundings as well as nearby railway, evoking an illusion of an escape from the stress of the city to a magic world of comfort and serenity.

With organic motifs and elements in the hotel blended with a translated version of the classical elements from the English retro era, a contemporary edge is boasted to the overall atmosphere of the hotel.

Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

The Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou is probably one of the most well known projects by HBA as it set a new benchmark for avant-garde with its innovative design and incredibly modern and contemporary design with stunning furniture pieces we’re obsessed with.

In a subtle reference to the hotel brand, the screen is themed around the four seasons, from spring in the basement to fall in the upper reaches. This dynamism is one of the reasons why we adore HBA as much as we do. Always surprising us with creative designs, HBA does it again with project completed in 2012 that still holds up as one of the best so many years later.

Remarkable for both its soaring height and contemporary design, the hotel rises 103 stories above the Pearl River. From the ground floor, guests take dedicated express elevators to the 70th floor lobby, where a dramatic three-meter red steel sculpture by Australian artist Matthew Harding.


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