MAISON DARRÉ Extravagant Interior Designs and the Magic Furniture embodies a timeless French luxury styles using unique and rich pieces in each project.

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Maison Darré

Vincent Darré, moves from fashion to decoration, making his homes the laboratory of his extravagant creativity.
Although he is said to be whimsical and baroque, Vincent Darré is above all free and agile.
His childhood memories, took him when he discovered the Baroque, in Italy, and its phantasmagorical references, the look of the Bomarzo monsters and the grotesque fountains of Villa Lante.

A theatrical lifestyle that is dear to him and refers to an imaginary past. Vincent Darré embodies a timeless French luxury of the decorative arts.
The colors of his collections are rich, the pieces are varied but always unique, encouraging each visitor to move from one atmosphere to another. His collection of chairs, sofas and armchairs is a formal invitation to lively conversation.


The renaissance of Vincent Darré’s work would not exist without the craftsmen who give the furniture the magic of their know-how. He pays tribute to the Grands Ateliers de France for the pieces made in their workshops by naming his entire collection Les Estampillés: the pieces in this collection bear the mark of the craftsmen’s hands and are signed by Vincent Darré’s.

Maison Darré Particular HOTEL

Maison Darré Montana Hotel

Musee d’Art de Toulon


Il Etait une fois le Ritz

new releases


Royale Street

Inspired by the Look

Appartement Parisien

Le Serpent a Plume

Inspired by the Look

Showroom Schiaparelli


Patio Hotel Prince de Galles

Inspired by the Look

Boutique Thierry Lasry

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