Modern luxury interior design style has an opulent and deluxe personality with an understated elegance and comfort.

Modern Luxury Interior Design

This interior style works especially well in classy lounge areas, as they help to create a sophisticated atmosphere and a subtle luxury feeling. Modern luxury decor is all about neutral colors including shades of brown, cream, grey, beige and black. Moreover, a lot of attention is placed on the quality of the materials and fabrics of the modern luxury furniture, thus it is often handcrafted. Here we present to you modern luxury lounge interior design ideas for your hotel, restaurant, bar or even yacht decor!

Chic Upholstery


Sherman Sofa

SHERMAN is a homage to the luxury modern sofas, a touch of modernity, style and the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship that are bound to make this a bestseller. Comfort is behind the entire design of Sherman but sophistication is the keyword when taking one look at this mid-century piece. This sofa also has a mid-century flavor, which is the timeless trend to have in your home and this sofa brings it to you with polished brass and incredible velvet, delivering a journey through time straight to your home.

Modern sofa

NOIR Stool

Noir Stool

The dual personality of this stool stays in a unique beautifully balance between softness black velvet and strong personality in a gold plated brass ring. The smooth curved lines and its versatility are rather appealing and destined to bring elegance to a luxurious space perfect for both a contemporary or classic setting. NOIR Stool is a very functional item and can be placed in a lounge room, bedroom or even a bathroom!

Modern Stool Decor

NAVIS Armchair

Navis Armchair

NAVIS armchair, as its names suggest, is inspired by the epoch of the discoveries’ courageous vessels. A heritage of courageous ancestors prevails in this straight line handcrafted chair. The absolute elegant perspective of an era, perfect for the most sumptuous ambiances.

Luxury armchair


Luxury Tables

EMPIRE Center Table

Empire Center Table

This EMPIRE center table has an extravagant shape of refinement and style. It is carefully made in brass and nero marquina marble. This is a combination between classic and modern design, perfect for every modern luxury interior setting.

Luxury modern table

NEWTON Side Table

Newton Side table

Mixing the old with new, NEWTON Side table is an insightful combination of grandeur and playfulness. This piece is so versatile that can be easily converted into a stool. This side table’s design is expressive and forward thinking with its gold plated spheres and semi spheres. Conceived to create a particular atmosphere, this futuristic side table has an unmistakable presence beyond its mere functional characteristics. NEWTON side table adds a classic yet modern luxury appeal to any setting.

Luxury Furniture

DARIAN Sideboard

Darian Sideboard

The DARIAN sideboard draws inspiration from the power of the shield and sphere of protection, as well as the dynamic from its irregular shape. A precise knowledge of production techniques and materials, each with different specialties, from metal-work to wood carving. It features a cluster of gold plated brass asymmetrical bars envelope a wood structure in black lacquer, the resulting works are a blend of artful and stout personality.

Luxury sideboard

Elegant Bar Chair

KELLY Bar Chair

Kelly Bar Chair

KELLY Bar Chair is inspired by the sculpted arches from the bar in the classic movie Casablanca, it’s a timeless and unforgettable piece. Besides being stylish, it is made to be comfortable and stand the test of time.

Luxury bar chair

Opulent Decor Accessories

PHARO Pendant

Pharo Pendant Light

Representing a beacon of light in the darkness, PHARO pendant is a crystal pendant with a delicate look but a strong structure. Made by the finest craftsmen using the best materials, crystal glass and gold plated brass.

SCALA Plafond

Scala plafond

Designed to add a little more life and light to a luxurious ambiance. Combining the modern and classical design, this sumptuous plafond is made in brass and Swarovski crystals and will match perfectly in stately projects.


CROWN Mirror

Crown Mirror

More than just a simple piece of art, the CROWN mirror represents a living tribute to the beauty. The breathtaking combination of smoked black mirror and gold plated brass, challenges the notion of exquisiteness and breaks all the creative boundaries.

Luxury Mirror

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