Brewin Design Office (BDO) created lounge that feels private and intimate, yet fully functional on a daily basis – a true modern lounge design inspiration!

Conrad Hotel Executive Lounge

BDO is a design studio based in Hong Kong and Singapore dedicated to crafting bespoke architectural and interior design interventions across Asia. BDO is grounded in a multi-disciplinary approach to design guided by conceptual rigour, architectural-driven thinking and craftsmanship. BDO believes that a design should be lasting, timeless and possessing an inherent integrity. At the heart of BDO design processes is an extensive exploration into programmatic function, fabrication methodologies and construction processes, ensuring that the aesthetics of every finished space or item are rooted in ingenuity and functionality.

BDO’s projects have been widely published by internationally renowned design publications. The firm was shortlisted in 2016 for Design Council Singapore’s President’s Design Award and continues to craft bespoke design interventions that serve to inspire, delight and excite.

Conrad Hotel Modern Lounge


BDO was tasked to design 5 public areas in the Conrad Centennial Singapore Hotel over the course of 2018 and 2019. The first of these public areas was the Executive Modern Lounge on the 31st floor of the hotel.

Conrad Singapore Lounge

The idea was to design a lounge that felt private and intimate, yet fully functional on a daily basis for the changing needs of the business travelers and vacationing guests through the day. BDO’s task was to to create and modernise a luxurious interior that would blend with the existing design and complement the design of the hotel.

Modern Lounge

BDO sought to challenge and redefine the classic executive lounge decor, traditionally a very corporate and business-like venue, by creating a warm and intimate residential atmosphere.

Modern Lounge Kitchen Design


As it was important to keep to the building’s existing interior design, BDO worked closely with the owner and the hotel operator to carefully formulate a design that although departs from the typical and traditional brief, stays true to Conrad’s iconic brand.

BDO Lounge design

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