Kokaistudios consists of a company first created by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani & Andrea Destefanis in 2000, which would later evolve with the creation of a Shanghai office in 2002. This is the perfect example of a truly multicultural firm that has managed to establish a global presence with a series of projects in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.



Located on one of Shanghai’s one of the most beautiful historical streets in a 19th-century building that overlooks an urban oasis of traditional Chinese gardens, their office stands as a physical testament to one of Kokaistudios’ core beliefs and areas of practice.

My work gives me the possibility to observe the world by different and unusual perspectives revealing the hidden chances to solve problems in innovative ways.

Their mission is to create spaces and experiences that make the life of people better. Every project they do from private to public, from interiors to architecture is always focused to create empathy between people and the environment. They feel extremely gratified observing how people interact and establish a strong empathy with their projects.

Primarily focused on developing cultural, corporate, commercial, hospitality and retail projects they have also worked extensively on urban regeneration projects involving the requalification of heritage locations. They don’t have a style, in fact, they always avoid to repeat or reuse formal solutions.

As a firm active in many fields of design, they have attracted a multi-cultural group of passionate and talented architects and designers who are all “thinking minds” that work together to drive the creation of innovative projects.
They are very committed to a continuous and straight forward open discussion with clients, audience and most of all final users both in academic or social lifestyle environments.

With the strategic focus on only taking projects where they can fully apply their design vision to create interesting and important projects, they have created a platform for their teams to learn and grow and be at the forefront of the design environment in China while working in a supportive and friendly environment.

Kokaistudios is currently working on a large number of projects worldwide: from the definition of new innovative lifestyle commercial and mix-use projects reconnected to the cities where they are located to sophisticated tailor-made hospitality products. They are very active also in the creation of an innovative retail concept that can adapt to the fast-changing markets and society demands.


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