Herzog and De Meuron is one of the most incredible Architecture Studios in the World. Based in Switzerland, this prestigious studio was founded by the top architectural duo Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron in Basel. Since their studio was created in 1978, they have been delivering stunning projects and won some prizes.


Herzog and De Meuron

Herzog and De Meuron is a very well known architectural studio that has a large share of projects across the world. For their eccentric and bold projects, these two top architects were awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize (2001), the RIBA Royal Gold Medal (UK, 2007), the Praemium Imperiale (Japan, 2007), the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (MCHAP, 2014) and many more top honors within the Design and Architecture Industry.

At the moment, the architectural duo is formed by an international team of five Senior Partners, five Partners, 44 Associates, and around 400 collaborators work on projects across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Through their professional journey, they have designed a large number of projects from the small scale of a private home to the large scale of urban design.

Within this incredible spectrum of famous projects, many are very well known, being public places, such as stadiums and museums. Besides those large scale buildings, they have also completed several distinguished private projects including apartment buildings, offices, and factories. Their talent is obvious through the amazing and eccentric projects they present each time they invest in a project.

This Swiss company is a prestigious architectural studio that continues to impress every design and architecture lover, and it doesn’t matter the concept behind it. Due to its particular and bold choices in every project, they can impress everyone with massive projects, that are surrounded by amazing details that would be impossible to think in the old days.

Their speciality is breakthrough every limit when it comes to design and architecture, and their projects completely reflect that intention. They feature magnificent buildings that present a modern and futuristic design. And this is why Herzog and De Meuron are the best architectural duo of their generation.


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