Gilles and Boissier are a team of interior designers and architects based in Paris that have been working together since 2004. Over the years they’ve had projects in some of the world’s top cities. Here’s one of the most interesting: located in the heart of Paris, Cafe De L’Homme.

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Gilles and Boissier

From restaurants to hotels, commercial spaces and homes, Gilles and Boissier are responsible for a variety of Hakkasan restaurants, La Villa and Mini Palais in Paris, Chachamoon in London, Buddakan New York, some of the top Moncler stores around the globe, the Baccarat Hotel in New York and as far as residences go, recently they designed the second home in Paris.

Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier are opposites that attract. Joyfully engaged in constant, creative disagreement, they find inspiration: more, it’s precisely this ceaseless game of verbal and mental ping-pong that gives form to their ideas. Partners in life and in design, each one has a specific role and style, but together they form a unified whole.

If strict lines and a distinctive taste for fine woods can be attributed to Patrick Gilles, Dorothée, on her end, has a way with spatial fluidity, colors, and intuitive elegance. It is this unique approach that has paved their road to success, with commissions all over the world.

This amazing Café is the perfect place of passage for locals or tourists to enjoy the full potential of this amazing city, as well as to be amazed by these breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower, the Champ de Mars and the Trocadéro gardens. Gilles And Boissier offer you that chance, so make sure you won’t miss it!

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