Mid-century modern design is for people who appreciate educated decor, comfort and sophistication in their interior design projects. This interior style embraces simplicity and authenticity that highlights quality and functionality in a room. One of the most symbolic mid-century interior design furniture piece is bar chair. It can create personality for your modern bar, public kitchen space or contemporary restaurant. Therefore, we present to you some mid-century bar chairs ideas from Brabbu Contract – contemporary, cosmopolitan modern furniture brand that reflects an intense way o living.

Brabbu Contract Bar Chair

KANSAS bar chair is a tribute to the courage of cowboys who used to travel from the Texas ranges to rail heads in Kansas each spring 1866 to 1885. This button-tufted back chair is upholstered in synthetic leather, and has glossy black lacquered legs, making it the perfect addition to any mid-century interior design project.


No. 20 Bar Chair Brabbu Contract

Symbol of knowledge and rebirth, Nº20 bar chair was designed after a long journey of a total of 24 prototypes intended to reinterpret the forces of nature. Nº20 distinguishes itself for its attitude represented in its fabric, a beautiful and standing out velvet, and its structure that embraces us with strength and determination. A true symbol of Mother Nature as well as mid-century interior style in your hospitality project.

Naj Bar Chair Brabbu Contract

Guatemala was the stage of one of the most important discoveries in the twentieth century – the Naj Tunich, a cave rich in culture, heritage, history and values. All this richness is brought to urban tribes by NAJ bar chair, a strong design piece full of attitude with straight lines that will fit in every modern interior, whether in a bar project, a restaurant or even a modern office kitchen. Be conquered by this self-assured piece fully upholstered in cotton velvet with nickel nails.

Zulu Bar Chair Brabbu Contract

ZULU bar chair is based on one of the elements that Zulu tribe believes being very important in a human being – the shadow. It represents prestige and personality. ZULU bar chair is a simple piece, although its structure and color will give the flavor that ever room requires, while the velvet gives the softness that every strong personality needs – perfect piece for your mid-century project.


Ibis bar chair Brabbu Contract

Ibis are beautiful birds, known for their long slim legs. The IBIS bar chair was inspired by this natural elegance, with all the refinement of velvet in a unique modern upholstery piece. Let yourself be inspired by nature and all the sophistication it brings just as IBIS bar chair does for a modern interior decor.

As these inspirations show, mid-century bar chairs create a feeling of contemporary elegance and comfort in an interior design project.

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