When we think that everything existed, it is when the universe shows that we were completely mistaken, where the most unexpected places have the most extraordinary architectural spaces. Are you prepared for the hotel openings for 2018?

So, we need to look this year where the jet-sellers have plenty to be excited about when it comes to new hotels. But many of these properties are destinations in themselves, some of them might introduce you to a new neighborhood in one of your favorite cities, while other will bring right to you far-flung locales waiting to be explored.


The 18 Hottest Hotel Openings For 2018

In this year we are exited about the Lutetia, orinally opend in 1910 by the Bon Marché Boucicaut family, but this nouveau arquitectural elements will be blended with super-sharop contemporary design in the 184 rooms and suites, plus there’s the Alaska Spa, Jazz bar, cigar bar.


The 18 Hottest Hotel Openings For 2018

With 119 rooms, suites and apartments included penthouses with rooftop pools from which to survey the scene. Riffing off Canggu’s delightfully laid-back style, this hotel will be centered around the Como Ceach Club, but we cannot forget is soul-soothing roots.

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The 18 Hottest Hotel Openings For 2018

In each villa its own guide and four-wheel-drive vehicle and there’s packed roster of excursions developed with Emilio White, one renowned biologist.


The 18 Hottest Hotel Openings For 2018

In march, Wa Ale offers another way of getting up-close with this remarkable destination. Here you can see 11 tented villas that will be spread along the beach. Located on a 9.000 acre island in the Lampi Marine National Park, this hotel work closely with the local community, giving 20% of net profits to the Lampi Foundation.


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