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iSaloni 2019 is the most famous event in the world for interior design. Now it is come to its 58th edition, proposing three style categories: “Classic: Tradition in the future”, Design and xLux, for all the furniture designs dedicated to the luxury world. Salone del Mobile 2019 will last for 6 days, from 9th to 14th of April and, if you’re looking for any solution for eating, after a long day in the showcase, you are reading the article that will present you the best restaurants in Milan.


This old restaurant is a reference point for some celebrities and a place you should visit during Isaloni 2019, Giorgio Armani and Orlando Bloom are used to go to have a fancy dinner in this “Trattoria” of the XX century. The seafood dishes will be the perfect conclusion after a long day in the iSaloni.


This restaurant has been awarded with the Michelin-star and it is probably one of the most famous restaurant not just in Milan, but also all over Italy. The experience in this restaurant is unique and must be combined with the finest wines, selected by some of the best sommeliers in the world, being a place where to go in Milan while Isaloni 2019 is happening.


Located in the Four Season Hotel, one of the best hotels in the city to stay during iSaloni 2019, this restaurant offers a meal with a sight on the wonderful garden of the hotel. The mix of the location and the cuisine creates a romantic atmosphere and a great place where to go in Milan, if you are not traveling alone, this restaurant might be an excellent solution for having an unforgettable couple experience.


The two-Michelin-stars restaurant of Enrico Bertolini is located in the culture museum, in the Tortona zone, a perfect place where to go in Milan. Its location is unique and it will be a perfect choice after having visited the Salone Internazionale del Mobile/Isaloni 2019. The experience of tasting such plates in this incredible location will be extraordinary.


This Michelin-star restaurant has become famous for the creativity of its chef, Claudio Sadler, who has reinvented some Italian traditional dishes, transforming them into masterpicies of Italian cuisine, making it an excellent place to try during iSaloni 2019.


Awarded in 2016 with the two-Michelin-stars, this restaurant is located in the Park Hyatt Hotel, the cuisine of its chef Andrea Aprea is related to the gastronomy tradition of Milan, making it a great place where to go in Milan. The connection between Milan and this restaurant is also indicated by the name: indeed “Vun” in milanese (the dialect of Milan) means “One”, for reiterating not only the connection with the city, but also the ambitious plans of the chef, being a obligatory place to try during Isaloni 2019.


As one of the best restaurants in Milan, this restaurant deserves your visit during Isaloni 2019 offering a very different experience: indeed it does not involve just the taste or the sense of smell. It is moreover an exposition of the plate. This is studied in every part of it, creating shapes which reflect the natural appereance of the ingredients used in the preparation.


Another place where to go in Milan is Il Luogo Aimo and Nadia. This is one of the best Milan restaurants and opened in 1962. From the opening day until nowadays this place has been a meeting point for all the people who wanted to have a different experience, discovering and rediscovering the flavours of Tuscany region. Even if Aimo and Nadia are not the owners anymore, their passions and dedition have been instilled and well interpreted by the new chef. Nowadays this restaurant has two Michelin stars, deserving a visit during Isaloni 2019 breaks.


The last place chosen for our list of places where to go in Milan is another two-Michelin-stars restaurant, famous above all for its chef: Antonio Guida. Beyond the taste, this restaurant offers also a theatrical experience. The kitchen is open and the chef can be admired while he prepares traditional and special plates. Don’t miss this experience in Isaloni 2019.

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