Here we present to you top lounge room design styles that stand the test of time. From the coolest color trends, to much-loved classics or latest contemporary styles, you will surely find something that fits your taste!

Mid-century Modern Lounge Room

Mid-century modern interior design style has an undeniable timeless appeal. It pays a lot of attention to functionality of shapes, colors and fabrics, which allow to create a sophisticated modern decor ambiance in any space. This interior design style is often dominated by Earthly colors – shades of brown and green, which will bring sophistication and comfort feeling to the space.

Mid-century modern lounge

ZULU velvet two seat sofa, a mid century modern furniture piece, gives personality to the lounge area, creating an unforgettable  ambiance in the room.

Mid-century sofa


Modern Classic Lounge Room

Modern classic interior design style gains inspiration from the classic design, such as Victorian style, Art Deco or even Greek and the Roman style. Such classic designs are mixed with modern touch and the result is the elegant and sophisticated modern classic decor. Modern classic furniture usually has a minimalist yet refined design with the focus on quality and even luxurious materials. The colors that define this interior design style include the classical palette – brown, grey, black, white and beige as well as variety of combinations and shades of these.

Modern classic lounge

Made in brushed brass, Phong wall light is a mysterious design lighting piece that will create an inviting classy ambiance that will progressively reveal itself.

Modern classic lighting

Contemporary Modern Lounge Room

Contemporary modern lounge room design and minimalism goes hand in hand. The clean, sharp lines of modern furniture and accessories look best in a modern ambiance. So try to use a less is more mentality when choosing new products. Earthly colors with a subtle splash of accent colour highlights the sleek sophistication of this style even more.

modern lounge

No. 20 two seat Sofa is a modern lounge room furniture that represents knowledge and rebirth in your modern lounge room interior design.

modern sofa

Modern Luxury Lounge Room

Modern luxury interior design style has an opulent and deluxe personality with an understated elegance and comfort. This interior style works especially well in classy lounge areas, as they help to create a sophisticated atmosphere and a subtle luxury feeling. Modern luxury decor is all about neutral colors including shades of brown, cream, grey, beige and black. Moreover, a lot of attention is placed on the quality of the materials and fabrics of the modern luxury furniture.

luxury lounge area

Koi Center Table is ideal for creating a refined luxury feeling in a lounge room. Quality materials and cultural heritage make this product stand out in the modern luxury lounge room design.

Luxury center table


Blue Lounge Room

Another popular design colour choice that is going nowhere is blue.. From navy to teal, rich, inky blues are enjoying their time in the limelight and we can’t get enough of them for the lounge design. Keep it simple by pairing it with whites and greys or be more daring by adding mustard yellow, blush pink or subtle multicolours.

Blue lounge area

You can choose Malay Armchair as a center piece for your blue lounge area decor, as it is an iconic product that will fill the ambiance with energy and comfort.

Malay Armchair

Grey Lounge Room

Light or dark, warm or cool, you can find a grey to suit any taste and it’s one of the easiest colours to style in a lounge room decor. There is so much to work with here – decide whether you want a light and airy grey lounge room decor or deep and dramatic, then look for paint and furnishings in varying tones of the same shade. Either keep it monochrome or inject some colour. Pastels make light greys pop, whilst darker greys are brought to life with bold accents and all greys can benefit from a hint of metallics.

grey lounge room

The accent of the grey lounge room can be a comfortable and elegant armchair, such as Nanook Armchair. This design product will bring culture and sophistication to the room.

Nanook Bar chair

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