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Restaurant interior design ideas are natural to Joyce Wang. Born in Hawaii, Joyce Wang began to travel since a young age, which opened her eyes to the power and possibility of design across culture and time. Having taken her biggest restaurant interior design ideas from places like Adolf Loos’ Knize shop in Vienna and Noguchi’s playground, Wang is now a interior designer with a unique aesthetic, known for her luxury interiors. Now, we’re taking in a journey to Joyce Wang world, where you’ll see nothing but extraordinary restaurant interior design ideas. 

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Ichu Restaurant Joyce wang creations

Ichu, Hong Kong

Wang evoked the landscape of Peru for restaurant interior design ideas, when she designed restaurant ICHU Peru in the heart of central Hong Kong. Run by chef Virgilio Martinez, the name of the restaurant reflects both Martinez’s in-depth knowledge of indigenous ingredients and his passion for new culinary challenges. Featuring richly textured materials and raw finishes to evoke Peru’s changing topography and dynamic ecosystem, the vibrant colours and inventive flourishes capture Martinez’s progressive culinary style. The stepped timber ceiling pays tribute to the undulating and dramatic topography characteristic of Peru. Artwork representation was an integral element in layering the narrative of the restaurant. A retrospective of fluorescent light, with a curation of signature mid-century chairs sets the scene for an immersive gastronomic odyssey and shows how powerful can restaurant interior design ideas be.

Spiga restaurant luxury interior design

Spiga, Hong Kong

Michelin-starred chef Enrico newly opened Spiga, which restaurant interior design ideas were inspired by the world of the 1950s Italian circus, with silk wallpaper hung from a central panel to resemble tent fabric. The terrace was designed to feel like a spacious garden, with plants of various sizes and species throughout. There are cabanas along the perimeter, which feel like semi-private outdoor dining rooms. In the center, there’s a collection of large, deep banquettes arranged back-to-back for a more fun and lively atmosphere.

Mott 32 Vancouver Wang design

Mott 32, Vancouver

Joyce Wang Studio brings the award-winning Mott 32 design concept and restaurant interior design ideas from Hong Kong to Vancouver. The approach was to combine the feeling of Mott 32 in Hong Kong, with local influences in the division of the spaces, use of materials and design references. The Chinese Diner has relaxed booth seating, combining the character of a Chinese brasserie with a more American diner feel. Decorative elements and objects, found and designed, bring their own stories to the different spaces. One private dining room has subtle military and political references, with a painted mural of a distant political icon on slate bricks completing Wang’s restaurant interior design ideas.

Joyce Wang Mott 32 Hong Kong design

Mott 32, Hong Kong

Located in Hong Kong’s central Standard Chartered Bank Building in a former storage facility, lies one of the city finest modern dining restaurants. The original structure of the site lent itself to a layout that consists of different dining experiences of varying character and intimacy. The restaurant tells the story of Hong Kong’s past, with hints and clues to the lives of the building’s imaginary former occupants. Wang added a series of skylights to bring natural light down into the space. The restaurant is divided up into different zones that include a “tangerine room” for private dinners and an area for couples featuring a silk-embroidered wall, as well as a bar inspired by a Chinese apothecary. Other details include metal chains that reference the city’s fishing history and globe-like lighting spheres.

Rhoda Restaurant Joyce Wang interior design

Rhoda, Hong Kong

Rhoda’s restaurant interior design ideas features burnt walls, a chandelier made from smoked washing-machine drums and a barbershop-themed den, bringing a relaxed industrial feel that buzzes by day and becomes more hallowed by night. The restaurant interior design ideas found inspiration in the will to make Rhoda, a stage for chef Nathan with subtle, implicit and more playful explicit references to his personality and approach throughout the interior. It is an accessible, personal environment that makes for a special dining experience.

isono hong-kong restaurant interior design ideas

Isono and the Drawing room, Hong Kong

Adding to Hong Kong’s growing list of design-worthy gastronomic experiences are Two Spanish restaurants on two floors of the Arts Quarter in the former Police Married Quarters. The restaurant interior design ideas lay in the industrial feeling of the building provides a backdrop to the two different dining experiences. Upstairs the drawing room is a smarter restaurant with upholstered booths and a circular private dining room. Downstairs Isono has a more casual, bustling street feel with a lively central circular bar and film screenings on the wall at the far end.

Haymarket Wang design interior design ideas

Haymarket, Hong Kong

A buffet restaurant dining and gaming hall for members at one of Hong Kong’s prestigious Jockey Clubs was originated by some really good restaurant interior design ideas. The main idea was to allow for diners to be sociable yet private and to easily access the food offering at all times. The restaurant’s brand identity is inspired by British eccentricity, vibrant jockey silks and centuries of tradition and reflect the Jockey Club’s pedigree as a British Colonial entity.  A grand staircase creates a striking entrance to a cinematic scene, which feels robust and special – a venue for celebration.

Ammo restaurant Joyce Wang restaurant interior design

Ammo Restaurant, Hong Kong

A vibrant bar and Mediterranean restaurant in the Asia Society headquarters, Ammo is housed on the site of the former ammunitions storage site for the British, hence the name. Inspiration for the dramatic interior was drawn from Jean-Luc Goddard’s seminal film noire: Alphaville. With this in mind, Wang’s restaurant interior design ideas fulfilled all the interior expectations for context and historic significance where the level of detailing and atmospheric presence of the past lead to an interior that is like no other. Following both a dramatic and a dynamic approach, Ammo brings inspiration and excitement even to the most undesign-trained eye.

Jin Gui Hamburg luxury restaurant

Jin Gui, Hamburg

Set off in the quiet inner courtyard, Jin Gui is an open kitchen, Asian-inspired restaurant interior design ideas, located in the underbelly of the Tortue Hotel, Hamburg. opulent bar, at once cosmopolitan and intimate, evokes the restaurant’s name –Golden Tortoise which nods to the unique story of a French woman parading down this courtyard with her rare tortoise on a leash during the heyday of Stadthofe.  The restaurant interior design ideas came from the personification of the qualities of this woman, when Wang’s team felt captivated by her flair, eye for the avant-garde and penchant for exhibitionism.

Mott 32 Las Vegas luxury interior design

Mott 32, Las Vegas

Located at The Venetian Resort, Mott 32 takes a modern approach to Chinese cuisine to inspire its restaurant interior design ideas. It is a restaurant that embodies the Chinese culture and philosophy that has been shaped from generation-to-generation. The restaurant’s Las Vegas design reflects Mott 32’s original pairing of New York industrialism and classic Chinese elements along with nods to Las Vegas culture. Semi-circular banquettes seating are arranged along the facade, with ribbed leather details at the back cushion and mohair upholstery on the seat cushion.

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