Pinakin Design LLP is a leading luxury design studio and brand that is known for setting trends all the way from India to the entire world. Founded by Pinakin Patel, this brand blends modern sensibilities, aesthetics rooted in Indian heritage and a natural tendency for bespoke interiors.


Pinakin Design: Free Spirited, Modern Sensibilities, and Aesthetics Rooted

Providing the best of both worlds in one single team of professionals, it’s impossible not to fall in love with this interior design jewel. With an extensive experience of leading projects both in India and internationally, Pinakin Design can easily make all your dreams come true, as it does to clients worldwide.

Pushing design boundaries through an imaginative portfolio is what defines this design studio and brand, providing incredible projects that stay true to their roots but never forgetting the clients’ vision. Even so, Pinakin knows best and never ceases to surprise.

Pinakin Design LLP is all about limitless expression. Residential or commercial, this brand always hits the spot in an unprecedented way with every single project. Modern elements, outstanding furniture pieces, detail-oriented and Indian aesthetics are what makes this one of the most special luxury brands in the market.

It is not just their projects that surprise us. In fact, Pinakin Design LLP’s concept took a step forward and became a landmark for everyone who’s into modern interior design when they launched India’s first lifestyle and furniture store.

With a furniture design that defies all rules, Pinakin Design was able to set the bar high for their competitors, never opening hand of the Indian heritage that it’s so present in their projects.


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