Black living room decor ideas by Brabbu Contract

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Bold black lounge room decor immediately makes a grounding statement. Brabbu Contract, a contemporary hospitality furniture solutions brand, the signature of which is elegance blended with fierceness and strength, casts some black magic in this mid-century lounge room. This inspirational space proves that black enhances colours and shapes around it. Thus, if you wish to make a dramatic hotel interior design statement, Brabbu Contract is the right choice.

Modern Center Table, black living room inspiration

In the centre of the lounge room, we find MECCA Center Table which features brushed aged brass matte columns that bring the architectural heritage from the mosques into your living room.

Modern Sofa - black living room inspiration

In front of it, a symbol of class and luxury – BOURBON Sofa, which embodies the opulence of the well-known French dynasty through its button-tufted inner back and rich cotton velvet.

Modern suspension light - black living room inspiration

The accent of the room is the NAICCA Suspension Light, featuring aged brushed brass structure and the Quartz crystal, which fills the room with a strong yet peaceful and sophisticated atmosphere.

Rug Society - Black Living Room Inspiration

Finally, an elegant COUPLE Rectangular Rug from Botanical Collection is the one that connects all of the design pieces into an art piece that breathes elegance.

When used sensibly, black will bring you delicious results!


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