Golucci Interior Architects was established by Taiwanese Designer Lee Hsuheng in 2004. the firm’s highly motivated and qualified designers fully recognize the importance of professional acumen. Over the years, their works have included a wide range of Clubhouses, Hotels, Bars & Restaurants. Golucci’s approach to management ensures a high-quality end product and express the essence of their creative ideas to the best benefits of their clients.


Golucci Interior Architects: High Quality and Creative Interior Design

Yangyang Baozipu

Lee Hsuheng born in Taiwan, graduated from University of the arts London in 1999. Lee Hsuheng is the Founder and creative mind behind Golucci Interior Architect co., Ltd. Golucci Interior Architect goal provide professional solutions to all kinds of the food space, restaurant, bar & Café.

Taiyufung Peking Duck

Lee Hsuheng’s style is pure and simple but bold and provocative. His signature is, in its search of new forms, in constant evolution. Through his way of creating interiors, a new language occurs on each project, driven by a passion for turning upside down traditional codes.

Yakiniku Master

By confronting heritage and cutting-edge innovations, combining Eastern cultural heritage with Western cultural influence, his open approach unfolds original perspectives while observing clients’ demanding standards.

721 Tonkatsu

Lee Hsuheng originality and creativity allow him to be widely recognized on the interior design market and to be awarded (among others): iF Design Award 2013,2014,2015 (Germany) / Red dot Design Award 2014,2015 (Germany) / Gmark 2013,2014(Japan) / A’ Design Award 2015(Italy) / APIDA 2011,2012(Hong Kong) / TID 2011,2012,2013,2014 (Taiwan).

Charme Restaurant


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