DKOR Interiors shares an important motto, in order to succeed in this competitive area of the interior design – “Concept. Collaborate. Create.” Based in Florida, United States of America, this top interior design studio creates incredible settings that are perfect to embellish every dull space.


DKOR Interiors

Meet DKOR Interiors, a Florida based interior design company that takes on their design identity and perfectly reflects it on every setting that they embrace as professionals and provide the most luxurious and exquisite spaces.

These spaces are perfectly combined with the attention to detail by the company, as well as their ability to reflect the clients’ needs. In each project, DKOR Interiors starts with a concept, which is completely accurate due to the custom relationship with the clients. They take time to understand the clients’ point of view, taste and personality.

After that understanding, they magnificently apply their client knowledge throughout the interior design creative process. The end result is a collaboration of every DKOR team member coming together to create an authentic style and home identity for their clients to cherish for a lifetime.

DKOR Interiors is among the top residential interior design firms with projects internationally and concentrated in the South Florida region. Their team of expert professionals are able to create the most exquisite settings, that you would love to have on your luxurious home.

This set of projects sit on a minimalistic concept, that features incredible pieces that might seem simple but they are incredibly complex yet magnificent. There are some modern and classic twists that resurge on every setting but the main minimalistic concept is there.


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