Maison Objet 2019 Trends – Rana Salam design choices

Hospitality design trends always change as years pass, as a new year goes by, there’s no more time to waste when it comes to find out the  that will be part of the hospitality industry. These ones will give any hotel the taste of luxury hotel decor everbody looks for. 2018 was the year of many looks including marble, bold floors, rose gold, and shiplap just about everywhere it could be.

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trends to follow in 2019

Even more personalised experiences

Hotels will have to focus on creating memorable experiences for their guests rather than simply offering amenities and services and apply new hospitality design trends might have a role in this. Guests can expect personalized greetings and rooms set to their preferences, as well as unique products curated by the hotel. The boutique approach to the hotel design helps create truly genuine and captivating experiences that modern guests, especially millennials, expect these days.

Modern vintage lighting luxury hotel

Modern Vintage Lighting

A vintage piece of lighting that has stylistic cues from France or Italian modern design is everything you need to complete your interior design and keep it fashionable with hospitality design trends. They are refined, well proportioned, modern and have sculptural lines and shapes. Think Stillnovo, Bauhaus or Sarfatti for wall sconces and lamps.

eclectic style luxury decor

Eclectic style  

Gone are the days where every room in the hotel looked exactly the same, leveraging the popular neutral color trend of the last decade. Hotels are now focusing on hospitality design trends and styling their rooms in a more natural, hospitable way combining eclectic elements, contrasting colours, and vivid combinations around the rooms. The biggest hotels are seeking for a luxury hotel decor, this way visitors will find more local handmade decor, unexpected texture combinations, and even vintage fabrics.

eco-friendly trend 2019

Eco-Friendly Features

Eco-friendly: the motto of 2019 interior design trends. It’s more important than ever  that hotels jump on board the green bandwagon in 2019. Offering low-flow water fittings and eco-friendly LED lighting that saves on energy will impress your green-conscious guests while saving the hotel a fortune on energy bills.  Making a move toward a green future art and design is more than just a passing trend that’ll attract guests – it’s also an essential step for hotels that want to maintain their brand reputation in the future.

hospitality design trends

Indoor meets outdoor

One of the most interesting hospitality design trends to watch is the move to bring the outdoor experience to hotel lobbies and corridors. In 2019, hotels will be seeing more indoor waterfalls, all-season terraces, rugged outdoor-style furnishings, gorgeous plants and panoramic views. This trend will amaze  guests to enjoy nature while staying inside, creating a completely unique and memorable experience.

memphis design 2019 decor

Memphis design

The Memphis movement is overtaking midcentury modern as the furnishing and color selection du jour. Since the eighties primary colors and graphic shapes haven’t seen this much action.

maximalist art design trends 2019

Maximalist art

The dominance of minimalism and Scandinavian design is one surprising trend in the list of hospitality design trends, which is characterized by neutral colors and simple materials, is finally declining. Now we’ll see bright colors and graphic patterns. Mixed colors, patterns and textures will be the trend ruling the design world.

2019 interior design trends 2019


Velvet and other rich textiles will be more prominent than they’ve been in past years between the new hospitality design trends. This fabric creates a sense of warmth and depth, especially during the colder seasons. Velvet used to be considered old-fashioned but it’s now seen as luxurious and comfortable.

hospitality design trends 2019

Multi-functional, compact furniture

The furniture design world is trending towards multi-functional, compact furniture in answer to the ever-dwindling space designers have to work with, making it one of the best hospitality design trends of this year.

hospitality decor 2019 trends

Sustainable, Handmade Pieces

More of the hospitality design trends are items made by hand using sustainable materials like jute, rice paper, and clay will be in, in 2019. More and more people need these grounding elements as a way to feel more in touch with the earth and their roots.

luxury hotels hospitality design

Color Saturation

The shift away from grey tones will mean new interior design trends such as more color saturation. People are starting to turn to colors to pull different feelings and emotions. This is one of the hospitality design trends that will make people feel energized, and kind of wrapped in color.

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