New York-headquartered design-and concept firm AvroKO deliver integrated design services equally adept at the varied disciplines of architecture, furniture, graphics, and even fashion. Recognition of architecture and interior design projects includes The James Beard Awards, Hospitality Design Awards, and HA&D Award. Today, Inspirations and Ideas lead the way and show the 10 trendy restaurant interior design by AvroKO that you must Know right now.

Dutch & Docs

AvroKO 10 trendy restaurants you must Know

The design of Dutch & Doc’s (the 5th collaboration between AvroKO and the Boka Restaurant Group) takes as its point of departure an homage to its location and reverence of place.  With its front door situated directly across from the iconic Chicago Cubs sign and entrance to the famed Wrigley Field, Dutch & Doc’s reinterprets the types of social gathering spaces that existed as a nascent baseball culture in the late 1800s first took shape, connecting us through a sort of time-space continuum to one of America’s oldest institutions.

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AvroKO 10 trendy restaurants you must Know (2)

The AvroKO team found its inspiration for the design of Single Thread in husband and wife team and owners, Kyle and Katina Connaughton. In understanding that a restaurant is not only a place to eat, but also a functioning studio for its craftsmen, AvroKO created a dining experience that is akin to spending an evening with Kyle and Katina in their personal workshop, where diners are given the opportunity to both observe the artistic process and enjoy its end product.

Waldorf Astoria Bangkok

AvroKO 10 trendy restaurants you must Know (3)

Taking inspiration directly from the NYC Waldorf Astoria, the Bangkok installment of Waldorf Astoria by AvroKO retains a distinct Art Deco vibe juxtaposed with the pattern, materiality and vibrancy of Thai Lanna Culture.

Penthouse Bar & Grill

AvroKO 10 trendy restaurants you must Know (4)

Housed in the former British Embassy in Bangkok, AvroKO was commissioned to envision the five separate food and beverage venues, known as the Penthouse Bar & Grill, across the upper three floors of the Park Hyatt Bangkok. While each venue is distinct and has a unique design perspective, the goal was to create one large penthouse space with seamless transitions to each venue. The design centered around a fictitious muse – a Thai-British man who is a collector and purveyor of fine arts, ceramics, and vintage car racing relics – alongside inspiration from British fashion and the lavish penthouses found in Chicago and New York.

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China Live

AvroKO 10 trendy restaurants you must Know (5)

The brain child of chef George Chen, China Live is a retail marketplace based in San Francisco, CA, offering a variety of modern, authentic Chinese experiences in one venue. After a research trip to Shanghai, the AvroKO team set to work creating vibrant, dynamic and interactive spaces that strive to de-mystify Chinatown’s many facets and ingredients while blending the aesthetics of contemporary China with western implementation.

Duck Duck Goat

AvroKO 10 trendy restaurants you must Know (6)

Following the vision of chef Stephanie Izard and her desire to produce, as she cheekily states, “reasonably authentic” Chinese cuisine through an American lens, the AvroKO team created a restaurant that represents an “everytown Chinatown” – a dream-like version of the stores and shops that can be found in all quintessential Chinatowns in America.

Swift & Sons

AvroKO 10 trendy restaurants you must Know (7)

In 19th century Chicago, the cattle trade was one of the most prestigious businesses with which to be involved, with one of the industry pioneers being Gustavus Franklin Swift. The design for the restaurant Swift & Sons, in Chicago’s popular West Loop neighborhood, takes its inspiration from this titan of the industry, re-imagining what this fictitious company’s headquarters might look like in the retro-future.

Butcher & Still

AvroKO 10 trendy restaurants you must Know (8)

Capitalizing on Chicago’s reputation as the world’s steakhouse capital, Butcher & Still in the Four Seasons Abu Dhabi is an ode to Prohibition Era Chicago when Al Capone reigned, while combining elements of the iconic Chicago architecture scene and whimsy from the popular World’s Fair in Chicago – the Columbian Exposition. The restaurant imports meat selections daily from the Fulton Stock Yards in Chicago, and the kitchen reflects the pride of its quality cuisine, anchored by a large feature oven sitting squarely in the middle of the dining room allowing transparency between guests and chefs.


AvroKO 10 trendy restaurants you must Know (9)

This three-floor restaurant by AvroKO was transformed into a modern, airy version of a store house where each floor showcases a rotation of herbs, products, branches, and even floral that chef Matthew Lightner uses in his dishes. There’s a “goods & produce” wall on the first floor, a casually-elegant second floor dining room centered around an arched, open kitchen, and a rooftop bar complete with central lounge “gliders” and banquettes covered in vintage plaid.

The Modern Pantry

AvroKO 10 trendy restaurants you must Know (10)

Through an investigation of Chef Anna Hansen’s familial roots in Denmark, by way of New Zealand, AvroKO discovered a rich history in both design, architecture, and botany that created the foundation of the two-pronged design inspiration. The furniture, millwork, lighting, and materiality including bent plywood, teak, oak as well as graphic tile, took a page from the classical styles of mid-century Denmark and Northern Europe generally. For the color palate and art features, the team unearthed the Flora Danica, a complete atlas of botany containing 3,240 copper engraved plates of indigenous Danish plants in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

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