Can you imagine …. SUN, BEACH AND PALM TREES ? Of course you can, mainly in Miami, where everything is a paradise on earth. But you know the best places in Miami to go out with your friends, or just to see the best view? To help you we will show to you one list of Miami rooftop bars.

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Area 31

Miami rooftop bars


Not everybody considers ‘Area 31’ as a rooftop bar, but technically you can have a drink here and this place has one of the best views of downtown 16 stories up. Lots of young pros and the business elite head here to unwind, so it’s good for networking as much as relaxing, and the champagne flows during happy hour specials on Thursday and Friday nights.

La Côte

Miami rooftop bars

Miami luxury restaurant –  Elbow room is at a premium, because locals and tourists alike flock to this spot, with good reason. It looks out over the bay in a style that is French Riviera through and through. The bar and lounge sits within spitting distance of the ocean, where beachwear abounds.




Above Mayfair Pool Lounge

Miami rooftop bars

A wide and sweeping view of the bay at Miami sky-high lounge is working hand in hand with decorations inspired by Gaudí, this transports you far from the Coconut grove and drops you right into a tropical hideaway that is worthy of a postcard. Every Sunday is the Sunset Over Miami party with specials on food and booze.


Miami rooftop bars

Another wonderful place and one of the best luxurious Miami rooftop restaurant and bar. Your wallet is going to feel the heat when you hit Juvia, but the wide views and royal theme is a world away from the low-rent hedonism you’ll find elsewhere in the Miami scene. Class and sophistication are the order of the day in Juvia, along with a truly astounding look at the city far below. Give the Purple Rain a try, and honor the late Prince in the most intoxicating way.


Miami rooftop bars

Part of the private Soho Beach House club, you’ll need to reserve a spot or find a member to slip you in, but it’s well worth it. Tranquil as Miami ever is, it’s not uncommon to espy a few celebrities or members of the social elite as you enjoy margaritas with more spice than sweetness, and a menu that includes a dirty burger that must be experienced.



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